CT&D #70. Forecasting the Future: Jobs in IT and Design

In the future, what kinds of jobs might be available to creatives in the fields encompassing information technology and design? What kinds of jobs may no longer exist in the coming years?

Jobs that I think will be abundant in the creative design and information technology fields will be undoubtedly involving the Internet (namely in social media, and through video-sharing websites) and manufacturing and science (notably in the artificial intelligence – AI, and app / software development) sectors.

Regarding the former, I feel that since the Internet is very much in our disposal, anyone will be able to build a career around improving, maintaining and even creating new ideas that provide or strengthen the amount of communication and intelligence that we have online. The importance of this sector will only continue to grow as we head toward goals such as Google’s and Wikipedia’s cataloging of all the world’s information into one convenient source for research and reading purposes respectively (and what ways can we easily access them without having to resort to lengthy browsing; perhaps via voice commands while browsing these sites are next?)

Virtual Reality is another area that will be huge amongst people in IT and design (industrial, gaming, medical, etc.)!

Looking at manufacturing and science, the strides that have already been accomplished in developing artificial organs to 3D printing is only in its infancy. In other words, what we have in those two areas now is limited, but with more qualified people working in improving the technology in producing greater output of those designs, we will one day see a body part that operates without a body and printed food!

Moving on, the jobs that I see that already are in decline and will one day no longer exist? 90% of assembly lines (in manufacturing and maybe even in packaging and shipping warehouses as drones are on the rise – but not necessarily will logistics teams go away), and producers of standalone technology that doesn’t dual as something else today (lower-end watches, timers, calculators, cameras, etc. thanks to smartphones) or isn’t quite flexible to transformation (bulky laptops and desktop computers are going away in favor of hybrid tablet / laptop devices – I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire market gets rid of standalone machines). Beyond work that it design or IT-related, jobs dealing with physical labor or even physical anything will go away as soon as we reach full singularity where robots or androids do the work for ourselves. Self-driving cars are not quite in the same category but it is a sneak peak of what’s to come.

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