CT&D #69. Discussing About Design

After listening to a presentation by Guest Speaker, Jon Follett:

• Identify something that was unexpected

• Identify something you’d like to learn more about

• Identify something that was inspiring 

One thing that I have always and still find unexpected in design is the discovery and perhaps even serendipity that is experienced in an unconventional idea that has no business succeeding but still does so anyway. It could be a dumb idea or what may look like is a simple idea; yet somehow there’s an immediate reaction, and when positive, adoption rates of such product goes through the roof. There are many examples of these kinds of products and ideas. The show Shark Tank features numerous and countless examples. I just often scratch my head at what sticks and what doesn’t. This aspect of design always will be mysterious and fascinating to me.

Something I would like to learn more about in design is the patent and physical prototype process. Although these involve the legal aspects, they are still part of the process nonetheless and what is often not reported is the failure of product prototypes that go through a safety test. Or ultimately, the failure of a product designer trying to patent their idea due to similar designs already in existence.

One thing that has inspired me in design to allow myself to innovate is reading about the founders of corporate companies built upon a new and industry-changing idea. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix all come to mind. Each of these companies’ founders sought to change the status quo in how the way people communicate, how the way people shop, how the way people get access to TV and film, etc. I as a designer (in terms of UI and UX) think along those same lines too: think big, but think about what’s obviously a problem and determine what is there to do to solve by design?

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