This section of my website will be home to various design and media-related projects I produce in my leisure.

Here you will see….(posted in each link and in blogs below):

fan covers (film, TV, cartoons, video games)

fan posters (film, TV, cartoons, video games)

infographics (film, TV, cartoons, video games, books, sports, misc.)

humorous “photochops” & “YouTube Poops” (YTPs) (any source material)

and…. even a fan rankings blog! (film, TV, animation, video games, board games, books)

Check out the links below for my upcoming blogs:

deviant art  – will feature fan covers, fan posters, infographics and rankings

clubs that suck – will feature fan covers, fan posters, photochops and rankings

Stayed tuned for upcoming information.


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