An Animated Co-Host Has Just Appeared!

Well not animated yet. But…
Well, perhaps I should start with who this furry fella is: Co-Star Cat. Of what? My new web series that I am going to launch in 2020 called Cartoon Corner. More details will be forthcoming on that. But what I will say is that the first first step of many first steps in getting to my show launched is the slight redesign of my animated co-star to help me guide my discussions on cartoons and banter with me a bit. 3 years ago in December, I first took to drawing my cat character (then known as Scruffy – not sure why that name was the best I could have came up with) for my pilot show as part of my then-college thesis.

You can probably tell already that the redesign I just made a few days ago is more refined and definitely a step in the right direction with what I hope to put out for my show. It helps that I now have a new touch screen computer that can allow me to draw (and hopefully) animate with ease!

Now I am not an animator but given my passion in producing this web series and my passion in being creative with how my web series will be produced, animating Co-Star Cat is a personal and professional must. I mean come on! I created a new cartoon character, which is something not a lot of people can say. But animating one, let alone interacting with one as a human being (*me*), is a whole other animal. Hehe, a pun. Get it? Since Co-Star is a cartoon animal character…. oh never mind.

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