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Welcome to the 2020s. A new decade. Just like with the 2000s and also with the 2010s, these years look and sound futuristic. Popular culture has always made it seem like all those years were destined for advancements in science and technology that in reality will take perhaps decades more, if not hundreds of years to fully realize. Stuff like flying cars, space colonization, a cure for all diseases, and so forth. No way are

December 30, 2019

An Animated Co-Host Has Just Appeared!

George Yazbeck Comments are off
Well not animated yet. But… Well, perhaps I should start with who this furry fella is: Co-Star Cat. Of what? My new web series that I am going to launch in 2020 called Cartoon Corner. More details will be forthcoming on that. But what I will say is that the first first step of many first steps in getting to my show launched is the slight redesign of my animated co-star to help me guide
Well, well, well. It’s been 1 year since I have slowly begun to update my original site while balancing many other things including work and putting together a portfolio of said work. Great segue as it leads me into why I feel it is necessary to talk about the importance of having and maintaining a blog.¬†Well, not just any blog, but a blog that you can put together from previous work to start a conversation
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