As with the graphic design work I did, these college-level projects are indeed legit. I say this to lower the expectations of what you may think is top-notch editing or storytelling work. Oh well, we all start from somewhere! 

Video & Sound Editing Projects (in order of completion throughout degree program):

Budlight Commercial (2016) (click here to see storyboard from raw footage about the project below)

Inside the Human Body (with Sound)

The Crossing Guard (with Sound)

Desolate Discovery (with Sound) (click here to view the spotting sheet in constructing the soundtrack for this project below)

A Summertime Montage

Smartphone PSA (2016) (click to see proposal & edit sheet about the project below)

EmotiMan  (click here to see brief presentation slides about the project below)

Thesis Proposal Project Presentation (sample case) (click here to view video transcript) 

Audio Storytelling Samples 

Ever remember those weird sound effects, voices and music from old Looney Tunes cartoons? Well, I took a handful of those sounds (out of hundreds, yes the library is full of them) and made this humorous envisioning of cartoon slapstick from a normal situation having gone wrong.

Oftentimes, what makes a scene in any work of film, TV or video game resonate with the viewers is the soundtrack, that of which is made of up an original score and/or borrowed elements mixed together to create a theme or mood piece. Speaking of which, here’s the visual hint below of what I chose to represent.

Radio commercials employ just voiceover, music and sound effects to evoke a story or message across, leaving it to the listener to envision the setting. Here’s my amateurish take. For the script, click on the image below.


Oddly enough, these weren’t drawn for the purposes of animation. The storytelling element wasn’t even for a course taught in that area. But hey, creativity!

Interactive Fiction (IF) Games

The one below is a solo project by yours truly. The one on the bottom is a group (of five) effort. Click on either to play!


Thesis Project 

see Cartoon Corner for details

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