Featured below are my galleries, one for each graphic design course I took during my studies. I kid you not. At the college level. These assignments look like they’re taken from grade school, right? Yeah, I know.

Personally, I think it’s fair to call these design efforts sophomoric. In both senses of the word. Anyway, hover on each picture to see its name and click to zoom in. Click on view more to expand gallery. 

Gallery 1: Visual Foundations in 2D Design 

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Gallery 2: Visual Foundations in Color

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Gallery 3: Intro to Digital Photography

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Gallery 4: Visual Foundations in 3D Design 

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Gallery 5: Designing Web Graphics

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Gallery 6: Intro to Computer Graphics

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Gallery 7: Electronic Publishing Design and Systems

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Gallery 8: Creative Imaging in Custom Computer Graphics

Right click on gif to open in new tab or window to view properly.

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Gallery 9: Advanced Computer Illustration 

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Gallery 10: Graphic Design 1

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Gallery 11: Graphic Design 2

[huge_it_gallery id=”12″]

Gallery 12: Advertising Design 

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Gallery 13: Advanced Electronic Publishing Design

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Final Assignment: From Concept to Creation

As my biggest graphic design output to date, Project Utopia is, without a doubt, my finest work (well, as far as typical senior-level college work is concerned). I first conceived what would become some the magazine’s contents to when I attended my second year of college. This came at a time when I was struggling as an engineering student, where I started to drift my attention away from the field and more toward my passion in designing & creating innovative visual ideas and product concepts. Two years later, in my senior year (as a graphic design major) I was tasked to create a magazine that would demonstrate my skills in InDesign and evidently, allow myself to visualize those ideas in print, backed by extensive research and my thoughts behind them.

Subsequently, after two months of hard work and refining, the 32-page Project Utopia was complete and published for its “inaugural” issue. So what should you look for while reading through Project Utopia? Personally, I feel that it’s best to concentrate on the visuals and illustrations that I created since this is after all, a portfolio section demonstrating my artistic skills in photo editing, illustration and publication design. However, it won’t be too difficult to be immersed into reading my articles as I made it my goal to supplement my designs and images with information that will, without a doubt, be an engaging read for all!

Here are three versions of the Project Utopia cover that I made prior to choosing the final version that you will see upon reading. As the first cover on the left resembles the most to the final version, I chose it (at the time) because it felt the “closest” to what I was looking for. It had to capture the feel for what I wanted the feature story to appear as and evoke curiosity for potential magazine glancers. Do you agree with my thoughts or are the other two more stronger covers?

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