CT&D #80. Reflections: Preparing a Thesis Proposal

Reflecting through my experience in this course, I have thoroughly learned more about the thesis process than I could’ve ever previously anticipated. Certainly, I knew before that research would be an integral part of forming an abstract and for developing a “roadmap” of sorts in planning and ultimately executing a proposal for production. This was not surprising to me.

What did catch me off-guard I will admit was this course requiring me to look at someone else’s work; to go on and to apply what I knew about my concentration in producing a hypothetical thesis really was effective for me in a two ways. One, it allowed me to be flexible in seeing any idea as means for justifying how and why it could be made into a video production. And two, this process also tested my creativity in thinking of ideas to support someone else’s research. How so? In ways that took and combined many elements of digital media that I have learned throughout my previous courses (sound, video, graphics, IT) to represent and propose a fully developed idea; even thinking about the associated career fields (media strategist, editor, story producer) and how to realistically tie one of these to a specific production angle resulted in more flow of ideas without forgetting the focus of what the thesis needed to prove.

Regarding the thesis process, I fully understand the amount of focus, rigor and time that must be spent in professionally producing a project utilizing digital media and design, especially for my concentration. Specifically, the most important thing I learned and even appreciated was the presentation of content from start to finish, even if I had to repeat my concepts. This allowed me to reiterate my focus, to the point where I felt like I was an expert at a topic I previously had little knowledge in. I owe this to in-depth research and the outlook on what hands-on learning would be gained in producing content from the people, places, and things that directly connect to a chosen topic. I feel like I have no unanswered questions about the process due to the amount I learned in the last 6 weeks and prior.

On another note, given that the term “thesis” literally means “to put forward a premise to be maintained or proved,” I especially found that thinking about a topic (whether it is something I know or want to know) and imagining how producing something would support it allowed me to take in consideration the seriousness and passion needed to accomplish this (considering the months of time allotted to the amount of effort required to do so).

This segues into my three ideas for the actual thesis that I will be undertaking very shortly after I finish this quarter. I’ve had a long time to think about them; one or maybe two of them have changed or evolved as a direct effect of this course. Nonetheless, among the types of ideas I for sure want to work with (or at least get started on) is documentaries, given my connection to the final project in this course that I have spent the last 3 weeks working on through this blog. This time however, I would prefer to focus on a case study that I strongly believe would form the basis of something that society could be receptive to that I want to personally be a part of in the future. It is therefore very important that I put forth my best efforts in producing a very outstanding digital video production for my thesis, as I will use it as a professional starting point for my future ambitions.

Lastly, I have a good sense of whom I want to seek as an advisor for my thesis. I have easily narrowed it down to those who have taught me the skills I’ve highly respected in the production-sense of my major. It doesn’t mean that their role necessarily has to do with the closest thing I like in producing; it just means that I value their perspective on approaching a project given what I have observed in their method of teaching. That is my preference anyway.

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