CT&D #65. Information Technology’s Impacting Groundwork

Which technical achievement, invention, or discovery had the most significant impact on the history and progress of IT? Why?

Without a doubt in my opinion, the invention of the World Wide Web (www) impacted IT the most. My understanding is that the Internet existed long before the advent of the web but it wasn’t until its existence when anyone could start going online, let alone use a computer for more than just typing up documents and using a painting program in the 1980s.

As IT stands for Information Technology, the web owes us a lot in getting our information from websites made only possible from the technology that allows us to access it (computers) in the first place. The fact that websites are being linked together (between content creators and their audiences), allowing for individuals and organizations to put out information as diverse as blogs, review sites, social media and yes, online classes like the one we’re participating in, amongst a world community is a testament to how powerful and impactful this invention was, is and always will be.

The essence of IT after all, is communicating ideas through technological means (or through telecommunication). It’s very hard for me to see how this would be remotely possible without the web existing, even for us everyday users at the very least; I honestly have no idea how raw Internet alone (without web) can easily replicate this; it just can’t.

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