CT&D #13. The Life Cycle of a Print Job

What are three aspects of the life cycle of a print job?

Based on my course readings, the three aspects I learned regarding the life cycle of a print job are prepress, pressroom and finishing. The prepress stage involves the manufacturing of a printing plate, image carrier, or image form to be mounted on a printing press. The process also seems to incorporate the adjustment of images and text to a high quality print file. Next, the pressroom stage is where prepress production (where a print layout is created from a saved file) takes place, followed by the finishing touches stage that allow for cutting, folding, embossing and / or stamping a print.

Within and in between these steps, there are certain procedures worth highlighting. Among them is trapping, a process which involves the creation of overlaps and underlaps of objects during print production to eliminate mis-registrations (or defects) on a press. Next, imposition calls for the arrangement of multiple printed pages via binding and reduction techniques to allow for faster printing and reducing paper waste. And finally, proofing describes the providing of a visual copy of a press to a customer so that changes could be made or mistakes could be corrected during the press process.

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