CT&D #64. Design Review and Feedback

A design review is one way to present a design and collect feedback. What is another way or method to gather input or feedback on one’s own work? At what point in the design process would it be used? How would you a feedback funnel be managed to minimize thrashing?

One such way that I have experienced a review and feedback process was a Google survey form. I had this done in a previous class conducted by my instructor. I was in a 5-member team working on a final project. Every week we would be given the online survey for us to give our feedback on contributions put forth by everyone in the team. This feedback would concern teamwork, quality and quantity of work produced. This feedback was to be scored from 1 to 5 per member. Later on as our project was released in a “beta” followed by an “alpha” form, game testers would also fill out a survey and include their thoughts, praise and criticisms about the design of the game we did as a whole (hence a “design review”).

In the scenario above minus this last part, feedback like this would be properly given out once a week to ensure a design project is headed in the right direction should there be any issues that need rectifying. This segues into managing this feedback the right way. In my opinion, a person responsible for this should be a third party individual so that a problematic team member does not fall into arrogance or bossiness just because he or she believes they are 100% correct about their contributions. Another way would be for the team to collectively discuss feedback in a polite and constructive manner in an “open forum” environment to encourage direct, cordial behavior and reduce (awkward) hostility. Unfortunately, there have been many instances that I witnessed where this step is never taken and never even thought of at all; there needs to be a more direct approach by a third party to help facilitate this step, that of which I strongly feel about having be more common (colleges and workplaces alike).

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