CT&D #37. Graphic Arts & Design Inspirational Commentary – Magazine Spread Textuals

I really like this 2-page magazine layout because there is a large visual that balances out the plain, white background and 2 columns of text to the far right of the page. Furthermore, this is a section of a magazine that introduces an article; in my opinion, what better is it to kick off a written excerpt than to illustrate what it may be about? An idea of some sort. Equally importantly, how much of an effect can having an immense visual such as the one above be as opposed to not having one at all? I feel like if the layout only had words, the reader may glaze over the small text and plain background and not read the paragraphs at all (or skim through them at best).

I definitely want to structure my intro to article sections in the work I will produce in the manner of the piece above. I also will pay special attention to title illustrations (“Berlin Reggae”) so they can pop out to readers. Lastly, I will consider the usage of columns (single, double, triple) based on space in which I will put my paragraphs in. The amount is important too as you don’t want to overwhelm or underwhelm a reader.

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