CT&D #36. Graphic Arts & Design Inspirational Commentary – Magazine Spread Visuals

This magazine page layout is very appealing for its prominent use of visuals that are neatly aligned with corresponding text. It is apparent that the editor used grids for the pictures and text boxes to achieve this organized and professional look. I also like the typography as I see an assortment of techniques employed for textual presentation (flush left, ragged right in the initial paragraph, centered text and justified text elsewhere, etc.) Another noteworthy detail is font size and color in highlighting two things: the article’s title and the paragraph towards the end that has the “Best of the Best 2012” quote.

Especially with the latter, I feel that articles need to properly highlight what the audience needs to know and doing so requires the editor to isolate and manipulate certain text to achieve that. This may mean changing the typeface’s color, size and alignment to help emphasize this to readers. This is something I will employ in my magazine ideas and projects like that.

I think overall, the purpose of this magazine layout is to effectively show balance between visuals and text; one doesn’t have to be more prominent than the other. I think that most magazine readers would prefer to read and see what they are being educated about without being overwhelmed with too much text or too little visuals.

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