What steps should be taken to reduce sexism and bring about greater gender equality in the United States? What resources would you need to implement your plan? 

As sexism has been a topic that has widely been discussed and present in US history for many generations, I think the proper steps toward minimizing it have been taken accordingly but gradually. Such steps including having more women in the workforce (blue collar jobs and especially in white collar jobs) and having more women graduate from college in top degrees (i.e. engineering, management) are positive trends that show promise of continuing for generations to come. Likewise, the entertainment medium including TV, cinema, theater, and radio has and still produces many famous actresses, female television personalities, and even activists.

Even with literature, there has been a rise in recognizing women writers for their literary achievements, inspiring many more to take up writing; most notably, some women writers have come from an era of having to use male pseudonyms for fear of being judged for who they are before someone is willing to read what they wrote to now using real names. However, the one missing step that I feel is missing to combat gender inequality is the Equal Rights Amendment which has long been unratified. I believe that with the power of social media and activism, a greater awareness could be demonstrated to a country that has increasingly welcomed progressivism and modernity; only with this can the ERA be passed successfully and perhaps, even overwhelmingly. And why not? Every new generation that comes and goes has adapted to what the previous generation established.

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