AT&D #56. Cloud Applications

What are some cloud applications that you use or are familiar with? Evaluate their interface.

Two of the most prominent cloud applications I personally use are Apple’s iCloud and Google’s own Google Drive. I’ve been using iCloud for my iPhone since it was released and basically what it does is store data such as music, photos and apps over a cloud server, which can be downloaded to numerous devices compatible with Apple products (iPhones, iPads, iMac line, etc.). Furthermore, iCloud acts as a backup service which permits users to store their data and retrieve it if lost or erased on an Apple device. Google Drive, which I have recently been introduced to, is a file storage service from Google which functions similarly to iCloud in storing and backing up data.

Google Drive includes features such as Google Docs which allows users to create documents and store them to the Drive (without actually hitting save), where work can be later resumed on another computer as long as they are signed on to a Google account. Like before, the data is saved to a cloud server which in this case, eliminates the use of flash drives to transfer work since it is done digitally. Regarding both of these services’ interface, both are in my opinion, are easy to navigate through.

With iCloud, one can access their account via the settings app and in Google Drive, all of the menu options are on a user’s account page. However, on an aesthetic level, Google Drive’s interface isn’t as user friendly in contrast to what is offered from Microsoft in that the latter stylizes its menus and buttons in a similar fashion to Windows’ own on-screen programs while the former’s design isn’t that well known or used to by people who don’t use Google services (excluding myself).

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