AT&D #55. Surveys: Evaluating User Interfaces

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using survey documents in evaluating user interfaces?

Advantages: Survey documents can be very effective in collecting information and feedback from participants engaging with a user interface, considering how easy it is to record observations on paper during an active testing session. Questions, both specific and general, can provide opinion, positive or negative regarding various aspects of an interface including but not limited to: ease of access concerning navigation, using commands, hardware / peripheral ergonomic design and quality of a graphical user interface (GUI). Results collected can improve on the shortcomings of an interface where and if needed.

Disadvantages: Survey documents, as they can be written on, have to be collected physically whereas surveys done via an interface (like from a computer) fittingly enough can be electronically collected. Additionally, the time it takes to evaluate results from surveys is significantly dropped if doing it digitally or even online; in addition, reading through responses will be much easier due to not having to deal with bad penmanship that some may have when filling out answers.

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