AT&D #45. The Usefulness of (Diversity) Blogging

Google the phrase “diversity blog” and join a conversation in one of the links that is displayed. Then answer the following questions:

• Provide a one paragraph summary of the blog site picked.

• How do you think your comment impacted the conversation?

• Do you seeing blogging as an effective way to develop your diversity consciousness?

The blog I found concerned the significant role that diversity plays in the educational environment. Specifically speaking, the blog site stressed the importance of how having and maintaining students of all races and ethnic backgrounds in the same institution of learning strengthens the awareness and acceptance of how all people can be different (whether based on religion, language, or everyday culture).

Furthermore, the blog talked about how diversity and being exposed to it while in school (among many other places in life) is learning beyond the books and materials. To elaborate, what is perhaps more important than being socially involved with other people of various backgrounds is actually getting to know of their lifestyles and culture (it could be stemming from being acquainted with a project partner and ultimately becoming friends due to interacting and through visiting one another’s house to collaborate, thereby exposing family and social class dynamics). Knowing different lifestyles first hand through the perspectives of diverse people can help broaden the life perspective of a learner, one blogger said. Of note, when I posted my opinion and idealistic take of this matter (I said that there should be a school that unifies primary, secondary, and tertiary education so that age diversity is well represented), the resulting conversation was met with interest.

One reply said that establishing such a school would be great for promoting friendship and camaraderie among various age groups but realizing this project would be expensive and somewhat controversial. Another commenter agreed but said that just as long as the size of the school was reasonable, the effect on the student body could potentially work as smaller numbers of students entices stronger bonds and a greater percentage of them interacting as opposed to having some get virtually lost in a “sea of students” seeking attention with the added effect of having more selective relationships that often result in much larger school settings.

Overall, I see that blogging is a great and useful activity to pursue in garnering opinions and even support and constructive criticism from virtually anyone capable of being relevant to a subject in question or active discussion. Regarding diversity consciousness, I see that blogging is very effective in maintaining that as there are many proponents already actively spreading the acceptance of diversity (i.e. travel bloggers educating an audience on foreign countries and their people) and shattering the discrimination of it; the fact that strangers are the ones being involved only makes this message stronger as it can be equally felt by anyone, anywhere, and anytime in accessing a blog.

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