AT&D #39. Social Class Background

What advantages and disadvantages have you experienced due to your social class background?

One obvious advantage that I have had based on my social class (where I was growing up in my region) was the accessibility of a community that my family could relate to (whose members came from the same country as my parents). Because there were and still are big numbers of my cultural peers in an area that I have been mostly raised in, I wasn’t subjected to much scrutiny that some immigrants get by non-immigrants (especially if said immigrant(s) made up a minority in a vastly populated non-multiethnic region).

Due to this, I had an easier time being accepted for who I was in school to some extent and it wasn’t too difficult for my family to assimilate toward work and new lifestyles that were set by our familiars. Ironically, the advantage that I stated above can also be a disadvantage, where too many of the same people of similar social classes can potentially compete for resources. For example, when I applied for college (where colleges are known to accept students based on diversity of ethnic backgrounds), I had competition as I was one of many of my peers looking to study at a particular place and for the same academic program.

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