CT&D #60. Finalizing a Portfolio Site

What do you believe needs to be done to finalize a portfolio website so that someone looking to hire would want to do so?

Working on a website draft while progressing through my outlines, what I believe needs to be done to finalize a website (especially one that focuses on showing portfolio) is the following:

  • enough pieces to showcase one’s best work (put not too much!) (**obviously, that has changed here on this current site)
  • an organized site map
  • no typos plus neat and professionally worded sections (to guide a potential employer with one’s own words pertaining to one’s own visual output being showcased), and most importantly
  • a bio or introduction of some sort

A portfolio website may just as well be another form of a resume, but a resume that only focuses on college and post-college related work to supplement a list of jobs held and educational experiences completed. Such work would be more than appropriate for an employer or firm to look at upon hiring .

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