AT&D #5. How are reading and writing correlated?

Explain how reading and writing are correlated with each other? Give some examples.

Reading and writing correlate well in my views. Essentially, reading and writing complement each other in that writing provides the basis for reading while reading entices many to write. In other words, writing is one of the earliest practices one engages in during childhood; the writing method introduces us to old and new words (from often heard and from grade level vocabulary respectively) which sharpens and expands one’s familiarity of words, both simple and complex.

As this familiarity grows, so does the basic understanding of reading where by that point, independent reading really is a test to determine how well one knows their vocabulary as learned from writing. Because writing automatically teaches one to spell, the familiarity in a word’s spelling and sounds further increases reading capabilities. As grade levels increase, so does the learning for more harder material and along with that, the books themselves by which that point, one can read long novels as their writing should demonstrate adequate knowledge of words, sentence structure and even grammar.

Looking at how reading encourages writing, it is often the case that a new writer is born from his or her interest in telling a great story after having read great stories themselves. Even if not the case profession-wise, anyone whose reading spectrum is healthy (from reading a lot and reading from many angles genre-wise or series-wise) is more than likely able to become motivated to write similar stories or something entirely new.

Either way, reading and writing are important in the basis of language (building / development) as the former helps one understand the language while the latter interprets it. Both practices correlate due to language structure (vocab and grammar) and similar but almost opposite skills to engage with them.

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