AT&D #4. What are the qualities of a good reading?

What are the qualities of a good reading?

To start off, comprehension is the most basic principle of reading, not only properly but effectively. Comprehension is a learning skill that young readers have to master which is why we start off with picture books with limited words to story books and eventually chapter books with very little pictures. Comprehension works well when one breaks down a story’s plot and puts each piece together to understand the whole picture a story is painting.

Analyzing upon reading, on the other hand, comes with age and wisdom; as we grow up and depending on how we grow up or witness others growing up, we may often find that many books relate to many readers and their associated community.

Books encompassing comedy, tragedy, coming of age, discovery, the personal setting, etc. have themes that we can relate to or maybe even find ourselves in. Therefore, analyzing is an extremely important quality of reading because oftentimes we can feel for a story’s characters and care for them or maybe perhaps know how to deal with a situation given a book’s background on a particular subject. Good reading more so can help one learn so much about the world around them given the many different genres of realism as well (i.e. books covering history, psychology, and the sciences).

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