AT&D #48. Corporations and Social Problems

Can corporations be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to reducing or eliminating existing social problems and / or inequality in the workplace? Is good corporate citizenship a possibility in the global economy today?

In my opinion, corporations definitely have the potential to tackle sociological problems in the workplace but the reality of it being such (as close to 100% as possible) is largely minimal to nonexistent. The truth is that corporations have a lot to handle in terms of getting their products out to market and ensuring proper customer service for all their clients. Does this mean that resolving issues from within the workforce is totally ignored? Not necessarily. Some companies definitely strive to have a somewhat adequately represented workplace of males to females and whites to non-whites; it just needs to be much more widespread and background ratios need to be more balanced.

Good corporate citizenship is a must in the global economy of today because there is always heavy competition in this setting and by promoting good citizenship, customers will be more willing to put in good faith in a company and become loyal to it. That is (in one way of putting it), just as long as a company’s willingness to create high standards of living and quality of life in the towns they operate in succeeds (which of course determines the reputation of the corporation). With that said, good corporate sponsorship is most certainly possible, but in reality widely varies.

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