Diversity-conscience leaders learn to change those around them by changing themselves. Visit Globaltribe: http://www.pbs.org/kcet/globaltribe/voices and click on the names of various “voice of change” throughout the world.

Read about their efforts to promote change. Then answer the following question:

How do you think their personal experiences interacting with diverse people and cultures have shaped their ability to be effective leaders?

After having read some of the voices of change in the world, I can say that these people were empowered to bring goodwill to the underprivileged and less fortunate amongst many diverse peoples around the world.

For example, actor Martin Sheen has been outspoken about helping the various third-world cultures succeed through struggle and is an activist in providing aid. With contributions to the Philippines, the actor has fought to minimize poverty there and has said that the level of misfortune (i.e. homelessness) instilled in the young has motivated him to spread that image to first-world countries so that potential helpers and onlookers alike are exposed to the facts and likewise would provide additional support (i.e. funding for building schools). In addition, Sheen has been arrested 60 times for engaging in peace efforts across the globe, that of which speaks to his level of dedication and risk in actively fighting for what is right and in the name of humanitarianism.

In fact, looking at this case, Martin Sheen’s act of interacting with and assisting widespread peoples and cultures is a noble characteristic of having a moral conscience and in my opinion, having a conscience (whether shaped by religious, philosophical or ethical teachings) is the most appropriate attitude for being an effective leader. Because truly, most leaders I’ve heard and read about have some level of greed and lack of acknowledgement of the third world struggle or even people within their own leadership practically anywhere in the world.

If more people like Martin Sheen (who despite being known for his acting work is a hardworking activist) took the the stand to lead in areas that need someone with powerful influence and morals, the world would be a much better place.

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