AT&D #44. The Controversy of School Uniforms

Are you for or against school uniforms? What psychological effects of uniforms might improve student behavior and academic performance? What are the drawbacks to school uniforms?

I generally am against the use of school uniforms but I can see both sides of an argument for them to be required or not required. On the pro side, I acknowledge the psychological fear being eased in students who are conscience about their everyday outfits (to counter bullying or perceived awkwardness of identity, both of which often leads to social ostracizing), as well as boosting an appropriate image that wearing a uniform can give off (which can remind students to not stray too far from their school’s decorum). Especially regarding the latter, a sense of grandeur would reaffirm behaviors in students to act accordingly and perform strongly in academic work.

On the con side, I find that uniforms are just a bit too much when it comes to forcing a student body to comply with strictly dressing up; after all, clothes are a sign of a “free-ish” lifestyle and often define each person for who very are. By making everyone wear the same thing, it would essentially kill the very difference that people are willing to show in favor of conforming to a uniform identity which can lead to a very bleak and bland atmosphere in an otherwise fun learning environment.

Furthermore, uniforms cost too much; why should schools dedicate a budget toward clothing (something that people already have) when they could instead put their money into pure educational resources, such as course material and equipment?

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