AT&D #27. Personal Enlightenment

Personal enlightenment literally means knowing who you are. Describe your personal enlightenment in how you have experienced a moment of realization. 

As someone who has been educated for 15 years, I can confidently say that I have worked on most skills necessary for longterm achievement in my selected and periphery studies, with respect to applying what I have learned to the real world. And while there are some skills that I’ve mastered, there are some, in contrast that need more polishing.

With that said, I do acknowledge that I need to be concise and straightforward with stating explanations and observations when writing papers. This isn’t to say I am completely awful in doing it, but there is some improvement needed in putting together material to verbally or orally present without being too “wordy.” I love to explain and point out facts but I came to a point based on feedback that most people do not require a lot of explanation to understand a point, as long as there is enough basic and well-stated information for people to base knowledge off of.

Additionally, the reason why I selected this area of focus is because in the past, I have taken similar courses where writing essays stress clarity as being defined as evoking the most thought from the least words put on paper, especially when stating multiple assertions that need to be connected to a single viewpoint or narrative. As with historical enlightenment, my own enlightenment has provided me a means to pause, think, improve, and act upon my actions, at least with respect to how I have and will progress with my education thus far.

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