AT&D #19. Hard News vs. Soft News

Find a newspaper story that has a hard news lead and rewrite it with a soft news lead based on the information in the article.

“They have been found.”

Three men, who were later identified as Afghan soldiers who had arrived to the U.S. to train at a military base, had been reported missing after they were last seen during a day off.

Base and exercise officials may now take a breath of relief as the men had turned up at the U.S.-Canada border, near Niagara Falls. Although official details have yet to be released, it is speculated that the soldiers fled from their training location (and by proxy, their duty to serve their country) for a bigger and more personal goal: asylum.

Despite the manner in which these men have ignited national controversy and concern over their actions, the motivations for doing such is shared among many non-Westerners looking for a better way of life.


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