AT&D #18. Storytelling News: Broadcast vs. Print

Find a broadcast and print story on the same subject. Share links to both. How are the stories similar? How are they different? Is critical information missing from either story?

News Topic: “ISIS calls for Lone Wolves”

Broadcast and print media: Fox News and Daily Mail respectively.

Upon viewing the broadcast and reading the report concerning the news topic I chose, I found similarities and differences pertaining to how and what information was revealed or discussed in depth. Among the similarities I found, both media forms focused on how the militant group intends to spread its propaganda and recruit “lone wolves.” In the case of the former, the broadcast explains how ISIS is using social media to deliver its messages as means to radicalize Americans and announce their intentions to combat whom / what they see as a threat to their ideology. The written article also mentions this (intermittently), focusing mainly on the recruiting side of the story.

In the case of the latter detail, the broadcast and article differ in regards to the two approaches of ISIS recruiting lone wolves. To elaborate, Fox News explains one method where soldiers training in the U.S. (originally from different countries before immigrating to) may flee from their everyday life duties, only to establish a new “radicalized” direction, where their already alien-views of the U.S. may be grounds for exploiting through propaganda that they may have become exposed to. Daily Mail, on the other hand, talks about an opposite scenario, where American soldiers who fight in Syria, may become radicalized (coupling this with war stress and trauma, they too could pose a risk to the safety of the U.S. upon their return to their homeland in the U.S.).

Either way, ISIS recruiting and influencing Americans and non-Americans to join their ranks presents itself as an internal issue for the U.S. (not external, as Daily Mail claims that there is no evidence that the militant group will fight on U.S. soil) as it seems clear that they want violence to be acted and spread on their behalf.

Furthermore, Daily Mail also goes into detail that Syria (a location that is harvesting threats) is key training ground for radicals in the Middle East, including affiliated and non-affiliated terrorist groups whereas Fox News focuses on direct threats conveyed form messages sent by ISIS, a differing point in discussion but not one where extremely crucial information is missing (as this topic frequently is being covered in the media and at different angles, updates are added to give us the audience a more detailed picture of the story as a whole). for-lone-wolf-attacks-inside-us/#sp=show-clips (Fox News) security-threats-lone-wolves-Syria-fighters-officials.html (Daily Mail)

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