AT&D #35. History Course Reflection

Upon revisiting my sole goal for this course, I can say that I was successful in achieving it. To recall, I started this course with an already extensive knowledge of history (due to my recent studies in high school as well as my curiosity and interest in the subject matter which has never faded post-graduation). However, I did acknowledge that I needed to be better in writing with regards to clarity and straightforwardness.

As a result, I made it my goal to strengthen this by consistently looking for sources and historical connections (via Armesto’s history book, or my prior learnings) to maintain relevance throughout my course papers. Ultimately, the strong grades in my papers so far have reflected that I have improved and I can safely say I am better at writing content for not only this subject, but others as well. All else aside, I honestly didn’t have any other obstacles because it was so easy for me to get invested into this course.

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