CT&D #9. Favorite Photographic Scenes

Find two images that interest you, and post them with your explanation of why you like them or find them interesting.



I like these two photos because even though I currently am not involved with photography as a hobby, if I was to be active in it I would snap pictures encompassing different landscapes such as the city and the hinterlands. The city photo is vibrant and full of an assortment of colors, even down to its reflection in the water. I am drawn to this urbanist style because of those reasons and its overall complexity.

The highlands featured in the second photo by contrast is marked by simplicity in having fewer colors and less breadth of detail, although most certainly not in depth as seen by the rise and fall of the hills. This stark contrast to the urban landscape shown in the previous photo is also welcomed in my appreciation of (environmental) photography for its different presentation in mood and setting.

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