CT&D #23. Keeping Up to Date With Software

Designing with software is here to stay – software changes rapidly. How is staying up to date with tools important?

Staying up to date with design tools I think is important for a number of reasons. Among those reasons include obtaining updates for software that fixes bugs or updates that add new features (or updates that do both), these of which improves on user experience, marginally to significantly. This is especially true with software adding new features; Photoshop for example, has been around for 20+ years and since its debut, many tools have been introduced and modified. Adobe even has offered Photoshop in a combined package with other design software such as Illustrator and InDesign.

With that said, making an effort to stay up to date ensures that one won’t miss out on what’s new and even required as workplaces and schools need to have technology users be on the same page while engaging on the same platforms during a project or course of study respectively. Me personally, I try to stay up to date with all my programs (design-based or not) by always updating when prompted (i.e. iTunes, apps, Internet browser, etc.). As an aspiring graphic designer, I will have to make sure to work with programs in the more recent version in order to access new features that could be helpful and even crucial when taking on projects in the industry. I don’t see this being difficult as I would be notified of such updates and updates themselves can be done automatically from creating an account like with Adobe to access Photoshop and other programs.

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