CT&D #55. The Negatives of Digital Imaging

What are the negative consequences of digital imaging?

Digital imaging is almost synonymous with plagiarism; unless used for educational purposes (like with what I am doing in these blog posts) or done so with permission given in advance for commercial use, the format and process of digitizing images inherently allows for designers to steal, capitalize and profit on the artwork or image of a composition. Especially with Google Images, anyone can simply take a digital photo (that is routinely uploaded on the site) and use it for their own right, either due to laziness or lack of originality.

With that said, the results may and can vary for those who choose to use digital images pulled from the web for one’s own work; sometimes, this may lead to an output that looks entirely different from the original source if edited significantly (even still, many in this scenario just don’t acknowledge or give credit where it’s due concerning that there was a person who was originally responsible for giving “inspiration” to a creator who subsequently uses the original image, photo or illustration in their work).

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