CT&D #33. Graphic Arts & Design Inspirational Commentary – Posters

This piece above is very creative as it incorporates names of each respective nation of the world and does so in a manner that forms the almost-proportional shape of those nations. With that said, the unconventional style caught my eye and I feel that the word-form format enhances communication as it demonstrates visual prominence of big countries vs. small counties as opposed to traditional maps that otherwise illustrate large land masses surrounded by borders.

The first ad here is somewhat striking; it shows a birthday cake sagging on one end—why? The gloomy visual illustrates the love lost with foster teens who lack parental support year after year as they grow up. The manipulation techniques used here effectively portrays mood and it is something I will pay attention to and use in demonstrating similar work in my graphic design career.

This second ad above even more eye-catching; it depicts a disembodied skull and body getting ready to fasten itself like a seatbelt. Yes this ad is warning young drivers and even older ones about the dangers of not wearing a seatbelt, or else — one (very severe) consequence is what is illustrated in the ad. It’s noted that layers and masks were used here for effects and enhances communication clearly and quite eerily. I also use layers and masks when working on manipulating photos and will continue to do so in my work in achieving composites like the one shown here.

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