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For more information, head to the Cartoon Corner page under Mini-Studio Productions via the menu. _____ EDIT: You will now be taken the official Cartoon Corner website, a channel under Mini-Studio Productions, here on the undergroundgamer network.
Welcome to version 1.1 of The Underground Gamer website! At this early stage of preparing my career in media & production, most of what you will see here is my portfolio work straight from college and some creations that I do on the side. I would appreciate any feedback on my work and the website itself (that I designed, obviously). Further site updates, minor and moderate, are to follow in the coming months. _____ EDIT:
Web Updates
Welcome to the launch of this new website! Please allow time for new updates as they come along. ______ EDIT: This is just a ceremonial post as it is unlikely that anyone would’ve seen the original incarnation of this website in 2017, the design for which was later carried over to the Cartoon Corner website in 2019.
Web Updates