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August 1, 2015

CT&D #53. Page Layout Software

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What is the primary purpose of page layout software? Page layout software holds importance in allowing a graphic designer or editor to utilize text boxes and visual graphics together over the course of several pages to create a publication (like brochures, magazines, and periodicals). Besides allowing designers to freely craft their work through elements derived from Photoshop and InDesign (a prominent software used for its page layout user interface), these programs provide the basic functions of
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Why is preflighting important?  The preflighting process is important in print production because one must check for errors made to a document before sending it for a final print or otherwise, such errors will remain intact. These errors include mismatched fonts, improper bleeds, spot colors and image resolution issues; while some can be detected upon passing, others are hard to spot, especially for minute details. More so, the size of the affected area of error
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What are the steps in final submittal of a job in print production? There are various steps before final submission of a print if outsourcing to a (local) company, which is usually the case since quality printers are very expensive. In total, one must: communicate with a print service to establish fees, specific materials to be used and specific treatments (i.e. binding, folding); decide on which colors to use (CMYK / process colors or Pantone
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