AT&D #51. Object Oriented Programming

Is it difficult for procedural language programmers to switch to an object-oriented language? Which is easier to implement, procedural languages or an object-oriented language?

Based on my research, an object-oriented program is divided into small parts called “programs” in which code can be structured as reusable components (with similar properties) whereas a procedural-language program is divided into equivalent parts called “functions” and follows a set of commands. The latter is a term that describes some of the most types of programming languages used by script and software programmers and include BASIC, Fortran and C. Likewise, the former encompasses programs such as C++, Python and Ruby and are used in professional programming.

In regards to the difficulty for procedural language programmers to switch to an object-oriented language, it could be considered hard. To elaborate, it is said that beginners should start with procedural because object-oriented languages require writing organized code, and is best learned when someone knows a lot about how to use the code (almost like learning a new language) to produce or manipulate a program. At least with procedural language, coders will have an easier time learning concepts such as variables, expressions and control statements given the function-centric focus of the program. The way I am envisioning it, it makes more sense for me to learn about coding for function before writing code to a function.

On the other hand, object-oriented programming is easier to implement than procedural programming because of the manner in how new data and function can be added (via “classes” as each class controls aspects of a program, such as visual); in procedural language programs, a programmer has to work more with building a function than with creating or building structural content through code.

My experience in programming is very limited but nonetheless, I did take a course in computer engineering where I had to deal with C++ programming and Matlab. The class was difficult for me but I did learn how to code certain functions to display messages on C++ (as part of regular exercises) among other applications including a specialized calculator program.

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